The 15 Most Profitable Movies Of All Time


When talking box office dollars, the ideal recipe for a successful film is actually pretty simple. Small budget+massive amounts of ticket sales= huge profit. If this is balanced, and done correctly this will mean a huge return on investment or ROI for the producers, studio heads, and all the clever minds of the film.

Some of the most recent film franchises like Marvel’s “The Avengers” has crushed the box office, making well over a billion dollars, but their ROI doesn’t even compare to some of these other films, because their budget was enormous to begin with, so just breaking even is no easy task. Just ask Peter Jackson, he barley broke even on the entire Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, crazy right? Well their production costs were so dang high, there just wasn’t a lot of wiggle room to make a profit.

Count down the top 15 movies with the highest ROI. #1 is INSANE $$$!