69 Things You SHOULD Stock But Probably Aren’t!



Many of the survivalist blogs, or prepper message boards typically will tell you to stock the same things; water, food basics, weapons, and so on. So we went searching for a list of items that you SHOULD be stocking, but probably aren’t. All of these items on this list will make your life so much easier if things were to get out of control, especially in a scenario where you have to stay put for an extended period of time.

  1. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
  2. Gun cleaning Supplies – cotton pads, Hoppe’s, Rem Oil, etc
  3. Cooking Oil
  4. Shampoo
  5. Duct Tape
  6. Deodorant
  7. Laundry Detergent
  8. Books- to keep the mind occupied, and sharp
  9. WD-40
  10. Sewing Supplies
  11. Bolts, Nails, Screws
  12. Games- crucial to keep yourself entertained
  13. Paper and Pencils
  14. Spare Parts for any and all gear you plan and keeping around
  15. Musical Instruments- falls into the entertainment category, but not just for yourself
  16. Lantern Mantles
  17. Hand Tools
  18. Window Repair Kit
  19. Bleach
  20. Household Cleaning Supplies- Anti Flu Wipes!
  21. Sponges
  22. Clean Towels
  23. Gold Bond or Baby Powder
  24. Baby Supplies
  25. Aloe
  26. Sunscreen
  27. Bug Spray(wearing kind)
  28. Bug Spray (killing kind)
  29. Comfort Foods- good for morale
  30. Chains and Strong Locks
  31. Rubbing Alcohol
  32. Hydrogen Peroxide-at least 10% food grade
  33. Mouse Traps
  34. Lamp Wicks- for oil and alcohol lamps
  35. Lice Shampoo- do not need a infestation when in a confined area
  36. Salt
  37. Liquor- because obviously!
  38. Glasses- prescription
  39. Alcohol Wipes
  40. Eyedrops- can get very dry at times, and need to stay sharp
  41. Pet Food
  42. Fertilizer- might have to grow certain areas
  43. Buckets
  44. Clothes Pins
  45. Children’s Clothes- In sizes larger than they wear
  46. Superglue
  47. Wash Board
  48. Spray Paint – especially in black
  49. Zippers, Buttons, Knee Patches, Velcro
  50. Patches for Tents, and Tarps
  51. Garbage Bags
  52. Lime
  53. Charcoal/Lighter Fluid
  54. Birth Control
  55. Vitamins
  56. Razor Blades
  57. Saw Blades
  58. Garden Tools
  59. Spark Plugs
  60. Motor Oil
  61. Manuel Air Pump
  62. Bird Seed- to attract wild birds, for a possible food source
  63. Fire Extinguishers
  64.  Wire
  65. Q-Tips
  66. Cotton Balls
  67. Corn Starch
  68. Thermal Wear
  69. Hope- stay positive

This list does not include the essentials, and could be considered a more obscure one, but should really help you start to build out your bug-in setup. Many people will overlook these items, and if you are the one to have them you could literally be a life saver. The old adage “it’s better to be safe than sorry” is real!