7 Breathtaking Underwater Hotels!


Many of us love to dream about where we would vacation if money was not an issue.

The harsh reality is money will always be an issue for the vast majority, but what comes to mind when you close your eyes? Perhaps it is an ocean view somewhere tropical. Well this list will certainly blow your mind, and make you dream even bigger.

Completely changing your notion of what exactly an ocean view is, this impressive list will count down some very unique and exotic underwater hotels.  Let’s take a look!

#1. Beach Villas Ocean Suites, Resorts World-Singapore


Singapore offers a truly incredible experience at the Beach Villas Ocean Suites in Resorts World. Think of this as a vacation surf and turf, because they offer 11 two-story townhouses where the top level peaks just above the ocean surface, and features outdoor patios and hot tubs.

Down below is where the experience gets really crazy, think of it as a reverse fish tank where 40,000 tropical fish watch you. When the viewing panel raises, the lights dim and the show begins. Don’t be shy though, the fish have seen it all.