7 Survival Skills to Learn and Master When SHTF!




When it comes to getting prepared for the unknown, and looking to survive if things were to get out of control, stockpiling goods is a solid start, but not nearly enough.

You need to have skills!

When it comes to preparedness skills, there is no rule book, or complete guide so to speak. There are just too many possibilities, and variables for a one size fits all list of things you must learn, and know. It is best to keep things very general, and that way you can pick and choose what exactly pertains to your unique situation, and go from there. With that being said, lets get started with starting to thinking about building your skill set.




12 Skills That Belong in Your Survival Bucket List:

1. Learn How to Administer your First Aid Kit

You can have the best quality gear in the world, and many years worth of food storage but if you were to get hurt or sick you may not survive long enough to use them. Put together a really solid first aid kit, and more importantly learn how to properly use everything within the kit like its your job. That could easily include, CPR, learning how to stitch up yourself, or others, and IV administration.

2. Learn to Hunt, Fish, and Forage

Growing your own food, or raising farm animals is not always an option, and as a matter of fact highly unlikely for many of us. It is very important to learn how to hunt, and fish. That way at least you can be semi self sufficient. It shouldn’t take too long to hone these skills, and will be crucial once your supplies run dry.

3. Learn Multiple Ways to Start a Fire and Keep it Going

There seems to be endless amounts of content on how to start a fire, but many of those sources are forgetting a very intricate part: Keeping it Going! Practice keeping your fire going for multiple hours at time, in all sorts of weather conditions. Many times starting the fire can be the easy part, its the rest that can get dicey!

4. Locate local sources of water, and learn to filter/purify that water

You might have to get creative when it comes to finding your source of water, especially if lets say you are in the desert. A small tip, keep in mind that canned goods contain water, so in most cases you may be better off storing canned goods than bulk foods. No matter the source, make sure you fully understand how to purify the water so it is safe to drink.

5.  Make a sewing kit, and learn to use it

Not sure why this skill often overlooked on many of the lists we see out there, but you would be surprised at how important it might be to mend clothing items so they last. Especially when performing lots of psychical labor, your clothing items will natural start to ware and tare, so keeping those items on the mend will come in handy.

6. Learn Self-Defense Using your Weapon of Choice

Choose a weapon you are comfortable using, and learn how to use it properly. For some that will be a firearm, other could be knives, tasers, or martial arts. Whatever you decide to focus on become a master, and roll with it. Eventually you will move onto a new skill, or weapon further building out your defense, and becoming a well rounded beast!

7. Get Into the Survival Mindset

This is such a good skill, the power of the mind is a wonderful tool. It is great to train yourself into making your prepping a lifestyle so it because more natural as opposed to something that clashes with your everyday life. Staying “woke” or being aware of your surroundings is vital to this mindset, try to understand that at any given point things could get array and you need to be ready to react.