What Happens When The Lights Go Out For Good?


Have you ever thought about what would happen if the world all of sudden lost power for a week? Not just acknowledging its a possibility, but really put some thought into the ramifications if such an event were to take place? What would your initial actions be day 1? How about after a week, or even a month? Scary right?

NASA has warned the general public numerous times, and considered the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse Pulse (EMP) caused by coronal mass ejection (CME), solar flares, or even a meteor strike. Besides these natural phenomena that could take out the power grid, it is probably even more likely that a human induced attack on the grid could take place, as an act of terrorism, or even accidental for that matter.


Day 1: Cities Get Crushed

  • Thousands are trapped in elevators
  • All electrical appliances are shut down, and inoperative, which includes refrigerators, freezers, heating units, and air conditioners
  • Water faucets run dry (scary)
  • Toilets no longer flush, due to the lack of water
  • Banks and many other businesses are shuttered, creating even more panic and chaos
  • Those who have emergency generators will provide pockets of power, and light but for the most part there is massive darkness
  • Battery-powered radios and cell phones will still operate but there will be no official word as to the cause or scale of the power outage right away, leaving many with even more questions
  • Gas stations without generators cannot pump fuel

Day 2: Confusion

  • Grocery stores, supermarkets, and drug stores have all been stripped clean of all goods
  • Law enforcement personal are completely overwhelmed by all the medical emergencies and scattered outbreaks of looting
  • Radio updates offer conflicting descriptions of the outage and there is no credible news, or timetable on when the power will be back on
  • Official are unsure whether it is best to stay put and hunker down, or evacuate and find a larger community to work with
  • Bridges and tunnels are backed up for many hours due to the sheer amount trying to leave




Day 3: Essentials are Scarce

  • All gas stations have run out of fuel
  • Water is now the most valuable commodity, and at a premium
  • FEMA is starting to provide help, pump water, keep sewage systems operational
  • Millions of “ready to eat” meals have been distributed
  • Backup food and water supplies do no exist

End of Week 1: You are On your Own

  • All emergency rations have been depleted
  • Thousands have died in the hospital due to lack of life support, and many of the elderly/infirm are starting to pass away
  • Some communities are starting to protect their turf not letting anyone else in due to lack of supplies
  • People are swarming to the small pockets that still have power like insects
  • Millions of people are essentially on their own

Week 2 and Beyond: Hunker Down

  • With no end in sight you must protect what supplies, and goods you have
  • law enforcement personal are abandoning their post to protect their own families
  • Like-minded neighbors band together to inventory resources and exchange goods via barter
  • Neighborhoods are starting to come together to canvass each other for skills that can be put to use for the collective good
  • Stockpiled food is rationed to thew minimum amount needed to maintain required caloric levels
  • FEMA is nowhere to be found…

In Closing:

This “Electronic Armageddon” has been written about, and discussed by many, and this scenario hopefully never happens. However, it is wise to think worst case scenario, and being prepared for the outcome could save you life, and your families. It is best to be mindful, and be prepared for anything, because if things do indeed get out of control at least you can breath a sigh of relief knowing that you have a good chance of making it. Stay woke!