Most people want to find a job that pays well and allows for some work-life balance, but they also want to be happy. After all, the majority of Americans work at least eight hours a day, often without paid time off.

In an increasingly volatile labor market, it’s the $125,000 question: How can you have it all? Is there a career that offers a six-figure salary, high job satisfaction, and enough job openings to make it a real possibility?

Workers quit at a record rate in November, indicating that people are fed up. In November, the number of people quitting increased by 370,000 to a record 4.5 million. The “quits rate” increased to 3% from 2.8 percent in October. At the same time, the Labor Department reported this week that job openings fell by 529,000 to 10.6 million on November 30th. The Wall Street Journal polled economists, who predicted an increase to 11.1 million vacancies.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to use intelligence to improve efficiency and learn more about their customers, so computer scientists are in high demand. They are also one of the few professions that have the option of working remotely.

Java developers ranked first on Glassdoor’s list of the “50 Best Jobs in America” for 2021. According to the careers website, they typically work at startups focused on the development of web applications for market and to fill existing customer orders.

They have a salary range of $69,000 to $125,000 and a median annual base salary of more than $93,000. They have a 4.2 out of 5.0 job rating, and there are approximately 10,103 Java developer job openings.

Java developers should ideally have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a professional IT certification, as well as experience in database management and computer architecture.

They were followed by data scientists at number two ($113,736 median annual base salary), product managers at number three ($121,107), enterprise architects at number four ($131,361), and DevOps engineers at number five ($110,003).

Python, R, SQL, Hadoop, and the well-known Java programming languages are used by data scientists and software developers. Product managers are in charge of a product’s or product line’s strategy and blueprint.

An enterprise architect is in charge of a company’s entire IT infrastructure, whereas a DevOps engineer is skilled in both engineering and coding and creates, implements, and improves existing systems.

According to career consultants, these computer scientist positions are in high demand across all industries, particularly at Silicon Valley companies such as Meta Alphabet and Microsoft, among many others.

The “Glassdoor Job Score” is calculated by equally weighting three factors: earning potential (median annual base salary), overall job satisfaction rating, and the number of job openings. This report did not include positions in the C-suite or at the intern level. A job title must receive at least 100 salary reports and at least 100 job satisfaction ratings from U.S.-based employees in one year to be considered. The results represent job titles that rank highly in all three categories.

There is competition for computer scientists. In a separate report on the best jobs of the year, U.S. News & World Report ranks physician assistant as No. 1 ($112,260 median salary and 39,300 openings). No. 2 on the list were software developers.

“They pay well, challenge us year after year, match our talents and skills, aren’t too stressful, offer room to advance throughout our careers, and provide a satisfying work-life balance,” according to the report’s definition of “best jobs.”