French cuisine refers to the distinctive cooking habits and traditional practices in France. This cuisine originated during the middle ages and has been a popular one ever since. This is because the taste of French cuisine has remained unchanged for a long time and it can be traced back to many different places and time periods. There are many similarities between the modern French cuisine and the ancient one, but the country itself has also made significant changes so as to suit the needs of its people. French cuisine uses ingredients that are grown organically in different regions, and the preparation of food is very environmentally-friendly. It has also remained relatively simple throughout the years.

Unlike their culinary counterparts across Europe, the French seldom produce dishes that are overly rich or complicated in terms of their ingredients and preparation techniques. Most French cuisine consists of simple ingredients such as vegetables, meats, fruits, cheese, herbs and spices. French chefs pride themselves on their ability to create dishes that are not only delicious but healthy as well. The most common type of sauce used in French cuisine is a simple cream sauce. Other types include white or fat sauces, as well as wine-based sauces.

Due to the fact that the vast majority of French chefs are educated in the French language, and because many of them have trained abroad, there are a number of international restaurants in Paris that cater to the requests of these chefs. These restaurants cater to customers who wish to try out the meals of Parisian chefs but do not live in the city. A good number of these restaurants have become top-rated hotels. For example, the Le Canard, situated in the Etoile quarter of central Paris, is one of the best restaurants in Paris and is regarded by many visitors to this city as one of the best restaurants in the world. The Le Canard offers an extensive choice of dishes on various menus.

Another important aspect of the French cuisine is the preparation of a variety of interesting side dishes. Many French restaurants have a wide array of desserts on offer, including some that are unique to France. One of the most popular desserts in Paris is the chocolate truffle. This pastry is made from a mix of cream, chocolate, eggs and butter. In addition to desserts, French chefs are known to serve a variety of appetizers on the menu. Among the most popular appetizers in Paris include the tapenade de noirs which are a traditional cheese appetizer, as well as une appraiser which are a vegetable dish.

One of the reasons that French cuisine is so loved is because of the extensive use of local ingredients. Many of the dishes served in restaurants are based on ingredients that are available both regionally and locally. Many restaurants also serve dishes that are made from meat which are prepared locally. Moreover, many of the chefs that create these local dishes make sure that the local ingredients are well-used and that they do not compromise on quality.

Finally, French restaurants are often renowned for their extensive use of natural herbs and spices. These ingredients make their presence felt in almost every aspect of a French meal. For example, herbs and spices are often used to make the famous Roasted Garlic Tagine, an exquisite creation that is usually served with fresh baked bread. At the same time, French chefs are noted for their expertise at using parsley and Rosemary in their dishes. On a more basic level, the chef will often use these herbs to create a variety of different herb sauces. The most popular French herb sauces are known as coulis and are made from Rosemary, thyme and sage.