President-elect Joe Biden has reportedly grown alarmingly frustrated with theteam leading the vaccination attempts across the United States. Biden had originally stated that he fully expected 100 million vaccinations to come within 100 days, but now numbers are showing that this is ever more unlikely at this point and nearly impossible.

The Coronavirus Team Coordinator, Jeff Zients, reported to Biden with numbers last week explaining that their team was underperforming. The team blames a sincere lack of planning and cooperation from the Trump Administration as the reason why the goal is so far out of reach. Obama officials have also cast a negative light on the Trump Administration for not providing any ease in transition among the parties and not taking the vaccination distribution efforts seriously.

Nevertheless, Biden continues to defend his stance that the goal of 100 million vaccinations can be met if the Trump Administration starts to do theirpart and provide funding for state and local governments to carry out operations as planned.

Officials are weary whether Biden will be able to live up to his first promise and fear this could have a negative effect on the new President-elect’s imagefor the coming months. If there is some action by the Trump Administration in the coming weeks, there is still hope that the vaccine can reach most of the population by the middle of the year.