If you are one of the millions of people struggling to find work, there is good news. The unemployment rate for American adults has remained relatively steady, at about an average of around 4% over the past year. This means that a large portion of the working population is still jobless, but it does mean that you can now take advantage of some of these new programs put in place by President Obama.


The new federal regulations enable unemployed workers and others who earn under $akrailed income of less than $ 66,000 per month to receive an extra $1,250 in unemployment compensation per week for a minimum of 12 months throughout a twelve-month term. They will also receive an additional $ 600 a week in August. The new regulations were put into place on December 16th, and are effective for all states beginning on January 1st. You do not have to begin re-certifying as an unemployed worker in order to qualify. Even if you have been out of a job for several months, you can qualify, as long as you can show that you have been able to maintain your current employment for at least one year.

States will determine the exact qualifications needed, but anyone who meets the requirements can receive unemployment assistance for up to six months. Many people believe that one must have had a minimum of a year of work experience in order to be eligible, but this is not true. The number of months that you must have worked will only be used to calculate your filing status, and will not affect your eligibility status. There are a few things that you should consider before applying. For example, you may want to consult with a professional such as an accountant or attorney in order to determine whether or not you will be eligible for benefits based on your income level.


Many states require proof of earnings by receiving a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. If you do not have proof of income, you will have to provide proof of monthly expenses, like housing and utilities, which will be taken into consideration when computing for the benefit amount. This means that you will have to be prepared to prove that you have enough money each month to make your monthly payments. When applying for unemployment insurance through the regular unemployment compensation system, you will have to provide proof of your monthly income in order to qualify for benefits, even if you happen to be receiving benefits as a federal employee or a veteran.


In addition to having enough money to prove you are receiving benefits, you must also meet the other criteria of the state unemployment system. Proof of being in an economic hardship or sickness is required, such as if you are having to adjust to a new job or if your previous job was eliminated. In order to meet the Panda challenge, you will have to be able to explain exactly what happened to you. While some individuals will be qualified based on their monthly income alone, many will qualify because they will need to provide documentation of recent salary reductions or loss of job.


So, this is how the state of Minnesota determines whether or not you qualify for unemployment aid. In order to qualify for the maximum benefits, you will have to meet all the other requirements, such as documenting sickness and or hardship, providing proof of the loss of income, providing proof of recent salary reduction or loss of a job and a complete financial statement. If you think you don’t qualify, or think there’s another criteria that has been overlooked, contact an experienced unemployment lawyer immediately. An experienced attorney can help you file your claim for unemployment in Minnetonka Minneapolis, or anywhere else in the state.