It is a scary thought that all crocodiles are going to die off. If you’re an enthusiastic and passionate nature lover, you will not like this news at all. It means we will not see any more crocodiles on land. But why do the experts think that will happen? This article will give you the answer.


Crocodiles don’t go extinct, instead they look totally different and change coloration completely when dead. So, for all we know, crocodiles didn’t just survive the last ice age, they survived plenty of other things as well. Recent research has found that the dinosaurs themselves may have had crocodile ancestry, hinting that the survival of the species can’t be put down to the end-of-the-world phenomenon.

One possibility is that the Chicxoleon Bonaparte period (also known as the Permian-Cretaceous geological period) was a crucial extinction event. The age is marked by the mass extinction of dinosaurs and the first appearance of modern birds on earth. Some think that this was a crucial point in the rise of human culture, as some evidence suggests that the ability to make fire started to develop just before the start of the next century. It also suggests that humans developed more quickly than previously thought, allowing them to colonize the entire planet in a mere hundred years, leaving most of the other species struggling for survival.


If these events were so important, then how come we have only seen a few crocs in the last century? One suggestion is that the dinosaurs became extinct because they over-ran their habitat. Another idea is that they became extinct because humans didn’t know how to protect them. Some fossils have been found where populations of rock had disappeared, apparently due to a massive asteroid impact. These ideas all suggest that there wasn’t really an actual extinction event, but that it’s likely the impact caused a rapid increase in their numbers, resulting in their being wiped out.


If there isn’t going to be an actual Earth-wide extinction caused by humans, what does that mean for the crocodiles? Unfortunately, there’s not much time left for us to figure out how they’re going to survive in the future. But if you’re looking for a fun party animal, then crocodiles might be just the thing.


And if you’re looking for a pet, crocodiles are well worth the investment. They’re energetic and easily tamed, with a lifespan of around ten years. And they don’t have any known negative health effects. So even though it sounds like a pretty good deal, don’t forget that the world’s largest known lizard might not live long enough to give you a really great reward!