With COVID-19 numbers skyrocketing over the Holidays and death tolls steadily on the rise,
the country’s top expert on Coronavirus, Dr. Fauci gives his warnings on avoiding certain places in public at all costs.


The social nightlife scene is the number one area that Dr. Fauci recommends avoiding. Simply due to the social nature of these places, the virus can spread quickly through food and drinks, as well as things like shared public bathrooms. Bars also typically boast some of the busiest and tightly packed crowds you can find.

Dining In

Closely following bars is eating in at restaurants. The main issue for many people here is the cost of delivery fees and not being able to afford constantly getting your food on the go, but at least choosing takeout over dining in is the smartest move you can make.


Going to the salon or barber is a very high-risk activity that many people are choosing to continue to exercise. Dr. Fauci’s advice here would be to always wear a mask and try and limit the number of visits and customers allowed in the shop, and as always proceed with caution.


The last place that Dr. Fauci would recommend avoiding is the airport. Exposure to people from different areas is the easiest way to contract COVID-19, and although airports are generally cleaned daily, it only takes one person wearing a mask improperly to ruin it for everyone.

As always, continue to be smart and avoid meeting with people outside of your own household. As vaccinations are steadily coming out, we are getting close to being able to start to reopen our businesses and now more than ever is the right time to stay inside and be as safe as possible!