Last Thursday, Biden gave his first Presidential order during a speech: A huge $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that will make up the difference of the last round of stimulus checks.

As most Americans received a $600 stimulus in the last round of payments, Biden has vowed to deliver the remaining $1,200 from the originally proposed $2,000 that he had originally wanted to give to everyone. Likely, if you qualified for the $600 payment you will be included in the 3rd round of checks.

It is important to note that this new wave of relief might not come until mid-late February, as there are still a few days before Biden can propose the bill once inaugurated, followed by several days or week of review until it can potentially be approved. Biden will have to gain bipartisan support to pass the bill quickly, requiring 60 votes in total to pass out of 50 seats each for the Democratic and Republican parties.

Here are the amounts to be received for each person:

$1,400 for qualified individuals
$1,400 for each dependent child under 17 years old
$2,000 for each dependent adult
$2,800 for couples who file a joint tax return