In his first day in office, President-elect, Joe Biden, plans to reveal his comprehensive immigration plan, which will provide a several year route by which undocumented immigrants can obtain citizenship here in the United States. The core of the plan is centered around migration from countries in Latin America and aims to to improve the technology used at the border. The plan will be sent to Congress on Wednesday, not long after Biden is sworn in.

This plan was a major part of Biden’s platform during the campaign, and he swore he would make immigration reform a priority when he became president. This is a polar opposite stance on that of President Trump’s policies during his term. Trump made immigration a pinnacle platform of his presidential platform by pledging to build a wall along the US-MExico border.

The key factor of Biden’s plan is centered around reducing the current timeline to citizenship. This would allow undocumented immigrants to achiece citizenship within either years, as opposed to the thirteen year timeline that is currently in place. Immigrants would have temporary status for five years, during which time they could apply for green cards. Three years after that, once they have met certain criteria, they could then apply to become a citizen.

Furthermore, the plan would also require immigrants to have been in the U.S. by the start of 2021, so as to halt any attempt of mass migration to the southern border.

Finally, this is only the first step in Biden’s immigration plan. Reports claim we can expect Biden to begin the process of reunifying families who were separated at the U.S. border during Trump’s term. It is anticipated that he will also sign an executive order with the intent at halting the construction of the border wall.