President Biden is fully expected to commit to signing multiple executive orders every day this week. Apparently his first order is expected to address the average worker in the US as well as racial equity. Then, he’ll take a stance on climate change, immigration and multiple healthcare issues as the week progresses.

This was fully expected by many in Biden’s party, as well as people outside of the administration. Many of Biden’s executive orders are rescinding previous orders given by Donald Trump during his presidency, including the just-lifted Muslim travel ban imposed by the former president.

Biden’s target goal early in the week is to ensure his promise to working Americans by helping strengthen policies geared towards buying goods and services from US based companies, as well as fast-tracking the $1,400 stimulus that is supposed to come for each qualified citizen.

Once Biden addresses American workers, he will then switch to racial equity by changing the transfer of military style equipment to law enforcement. He is also expected to improve current prison conditions, target the elimination of private prisons, and promote housing equality with executive orders as early as mid-week.