Newly elected President Biden signed a total of four different executive orders early on Tuesday aimed at racial equity, one of his major stances heading into his 4-year term.

Biden consistently has pledged himself to right the racial wrongs that America has suffered from for centuries and has stated that all people should be treated equal no matter what. The first step he took towards his pledge was signing a memorandum that directs the Department of Housing and Urban Development to re-address racism in current housing policies. This order includes a reinstatement of an Obama-era policy that requires jurisdictions that receive federal funding to research and try and find patterns of housing discrimination, and if found to actually make and execute a plan to combat it.

Next, Biden chose to sign two orders that essentially eliminate the federal use of for-profit prisons and force federal agencies to practice consistent and meaningful meetings with tribal governments.

Lastly, Biden chose to sign an initiative that condemns and helps fight racism and xenophobia against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders located in the United States. This is combat horrendous statements made by former-president Donald Trump, in calling the COVID-19 Virus the “China” virus among other things. Additionally, this will include training for the Department of Health and Services to appropriately address bias in our federal government’s pandemic responses.