The owner and CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, was banned from Twitter on Monday night based on a new policy that the social media company passed in the wake of the insurrection at the Capitol earlier this month. The policy is aimed at banning people who repeatedly share misinformation, and in this case, false information about the election. However, it is not entirely clear which of Lindell’s tweets caused him to get banned.

Some retailers, like Bed Bath & Beyond have stopped selling MyPillow products since Lindell expressed questions about the validity of the election and his support for the January 6th insurrection, which he called “very peaceful.” Lindell further went on to say it was “undercover antifa” posed as Trump supporters who were to blame for the violence at the Capitol.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that Twitter has used their new policy to lock out well-known users. Representative Marjorie Taylor Green had been locked out of her account, and it is also well known that Twitter banned Donald Trump’s account earlier this month after the insurrection.

Based on the policy, the more violations that a person commits determines how severe the ban will be. The decision to ban accounts was aimed at halting the glorification of violence within the context of the insurrection and the effects that these statements can have in radicalizing certain audiences.