With President Joe Biden proactively signing executive orders to help combat Climate change, many are worried about the effects it will have on the economy. Vice President Kamala Harris, however, is fully supportive of the newly elected President’s plans and even believes they will help to stimulate the job market and create more opportunities for Americans.
Biden recently halted new licenses for gas, oil and coal extraction on federal land that is expected to affect huge corporations. Although many at these corporations are fearful of what will happen next, Harris believes that the search for newer and alternative ways of living will help provide more jobs and these workers can even transfer many of their skills to newly created positions.
Part of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan aims to help those who might be affected by the new climate policies, and even aims at helping those workers find new jobs and transfer their previous skill over to new clean energy roles.
The President so far has been very clear on his message geared towards stopping Climate Change and appears to be doing everything he can to make sure that American companies will start doing the right thing