In what could be the biggest head-turning move so far in Biden’s presidency, the new President has vowed to legalize over 11 million immigrants across the United States.

Biden’s plan offers a path for immigrants to become U.S. citizens and appears to be just the start of his plans. The new bill would allow undocumented immigrants who were located within the U.S. borders prior to January first to be able to apply for temporary legal status, once background checks and taxes are checked out. This would allow millions of immigrants to live without the constant fear of being deported, and also allow them to join the military and travel freely.

After about 5 years under the new plan, immigrants can officially apply for a green card. This new bill is perhaps the most pro-immigration piece of legislation that has passed in decades and could help provide millions of immigrants higher-paying jobs, access to welfare and health coverage, as well as Social Security.

With 11 million immigrants currently expected to gain this new legal status, the more realistic idea here is that immigrants will be given legality status based on certain criteria. One of the most widely talked about is doing so by particular “groups”, such as farmworkers, in order to provide some kind of framework.

With the border wall being stopped and Biden’s apparent urge to help immigrants, there are hopes that he will continue to help reunite families and restructure the current immigration policy that has left millions with misinformation and fear.