Lawmakers and advocacy groups are calling for the resignation or removal of the newly elected Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene has been receiving increasing backlash for publicly commenting and “liking” comments on social media that threaten violence against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and former President Barack Obama. 

Greene has also been known to openly support a number of outrageous theories; including the theory that the Parkland Florida shooting in 2018 never happened and the grieving parents were actors. She is facing recent backlash over a video that has surfaced of her harassing a gun safety activist who survived the Parkland Florida School shooting. This is jarring and extremely concerning given that the far-right Republican will now be on a House Committee overseeing the nation’s education system.

In light of all of this, several Democrats, along with several advocacy groups, are urging for Greene’s removal, stating that her behaviors and support for extremism are dangerous and unacceptable. And while these threats are deeply disturbing, most House Republicans (apart from senior GOP leader Kevin McCarthy) have not publicly condemned Greene for her threats. So, the question is: can Greene actually be removed from Congress? Yes. But in order for that to happen, two-thirds of votes from Congress is required. Bipartisan cooperation is unlikely given the fact that Democrats have only a 10-seat advantage and two-thirds of House Republicans approved an attempt to retract President Biden’s legitimate election.