Former President Trump’s deceit and insistence that the Presidential election was rigged may have have gone too far for the attorneys who were suppose to defend him in the impeachment trial in the coming weeks.

For the most part, Trump’s party has mainly stuck behind him. Following the Jan. 6th siege at the Capitol, the Republican Party has kept their often blind allegiance to Donald Trump, deciding to overlook his influence in the deadly insurrection than to cross him.

Many elected Republican leaders were stepping back into the former President’s corner due to his potential power to either help or destroy them in the 2022 elections.

As then Republican Party forgives his reckless behavior, and hide in feat of election threats, the judiciary and legal professions are standing their ground and adhering to the ethical standards set. They refuse to let his attempts to disrupt the nation’s democratic institutions and founding principals — making the GOP’s loyalty to Trump even more appalling.

Trump wanted his attorneys to base his defense on his belief that there was mass voting fraud in the November election that resulted in the Presidency being stolen from him. Many continue to question whether a president can be convicted after leaving office.