With a new home and a new $5 billion stadium already under their belt
within the last 5 years, the LA Rams have taken another shot at their short-
term success by giving up multiple draft picks along with their previous No. 1
overall draft pick, Jared Goff.
With attempts at Aaron Rodgers thwarted by Green Bay, LA turned to the
only other quarterback within their price range that they saw a future with.
Young coach, Sean McVay, was extremely impressed with Stafford and with
all of those offensive and defensive weapons, Stafford should be in for an
The craziest part about all of this – Matt Stafford has still never recorded a
single playoff win. The Rams gave up two first-round picks, a third-round
pick, and previously mentioned Jared Goff all for a quarterback that has had
no success in the postseason.
Detroit might really be the winners of this trade, as they receive Goff, who in
the last four seasons is tied for third most in wins, has gotten to the playoffs
three times and has reached the Superbowl. With all of that under his belt,
and still only 26 years old, Goff could be the franchise quarterback that the
Lions needed all along.