President Joe Biden and his administration are planning to share with the
public Tuesday that they will begin distributing a limited number of COVID-19
vaccines straight to pharmacies across the United States.
This new initiative will allow the federal government to ship mail doses directly to pharmacies, with the goal of providing the vaccine to as many people as possible. Furthermore, there are efforts by companies like Walgreens and CVS to start distributing the vaccine to elderly patients that are members of long-term care facilities.
According to the administration, around 1 million doses per week will distributed through the first stages of the initiative. This number is significantly less than the 10 million doses that the administration is shipping to states each week but will soon start to ramp once access is made more available. This apprehension is likely just extra caution and production numbers should ramp up over the next several weeks if everything goes according to plan.
To date, the government has distributed around 50 million COVID-19 vaccines in total to states, resulting in over 26 million people receiving at least their first dose. Since two doses are required, it will take extra time for the vaccine to take full effect and will also take twice the resources required in order to fully vaccinate every person.