After Republicans proposed a $618 billion stimulus plan with no state/local funding, Democrats are moving forward to expedite their proposed $1.9 trillion relief package, one that would include increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour. 

And while Biden has publicly pledged to work with both parties, the chance for the Republican’s proposal to cut millions out of the relief plan is unlikely to happen given that the Democrats have the majority in both the House and the Senate.

With the fast approaching end to unemployment benefits, the goal is to have the new bill signed by March 14th. The legal mechanics to this will be daunting and backlash from the Republican party will make it even more difficult. They will first have to consult with the Senate parliament to ensure that the plan is allowed under the rules that govern reconciliation. Then the House will vote to pass the plan. After that, the Senate will go to the floor.

Even with the long hurdles of legal hoops, negotiations, and planning, Democrats feel confident that they can pull this off. A lot of work and effort has already been done on the front lines to make sure every committee has what it needs to develop this plan and make it happen. They also believe that this plan will be popular with voters on both sides due to the fact that people will be receiving money and having their unemployment insurance extended.