In 2014 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrote that a “dreamy business offering” holds at minimum four elements: “Customers love it, it can grow to very large size, it has strong returns on capital, and it’s durable in time with the potential to endure for decades.”

“When you find one of these, don’t just swipe right, get married,” he wrote. As of today, several Amazon businesses fit that profile, he added. Seven years later, that’s proven to be true.

AWS was found in 2003 in an effort to use technology built to run Amazon’s online store. This has since become Amazon’s biggest moneymaker. This service has also become the structure of much of the internet.]

The company can owe the major growth of AWS to Andy Jassy who helped the company pioneer cloud computing and oversees ASW’s exponential growth.

Jeff Bezos is preparing to hand over Amazon’s CEO job to Jassy. The cloud is assumed to play a huge part in the companies future and growth.