Democrats, according to DeSantis, are attempting to ‘drive dissension’ among Republicans by spreading a false narrative about his relationship with Trump.

Republicans, including Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, have the support of former President Trump, according to DeSantis, and any notion to the contrary can be attributed to media spin.

On Monday, DeSantis gave an interview in Tallahassee, Florida, in which he stated that he is on good terms with Trump.

“Donald Trump is one of my friends. He is proud when people succeed, and it’s not just me; he’s a Floridian, and he appreciates the work we’ve done. He’s told me that numerous times, not only in terms of assisting with the election, but also in terms of how we govern the state.”

“He wants to see Republicans succeed,” DeSantis added. “And I think it’s total nonsense when the media pretends he’s upset with me for doing well. I believe they’re making it up. And I believe he is someone who wants to see not just Republicans do well, but people who are willing to stand up and fight do well across the board. Obviously, Florida is an important state, the third-largest in the country, and really, we and Texas are the two biggest states with sizable Republican footprints, so we’re proud of that and will keep it going.”


DeSantis would not say whether he would run against Trump in 2024, but he did say that anonymous sources close to Trump who said he has a “dull personality” could be attributed to Democrats and the media, who are attempting to sow division within the Republican Party in order to re-elect President Biden.

“No. I mean, I think what they’re trying to do is impersonate Biden. They did everything in their power to get Biden elected. OK. For four years, they lied about Trump. They did everything in their power to elect Biden, the man who campaigned from his basement. They never questioned me about it. Now he can get in. And he had a disastrous first year as president, widely regarded as the worst of any president since the 1800s. He’s been compared to Jimmy Carter. Carter was far more successful in his first year than Biden” according to DeSantis.

“So they are aware that the Democrats are in for a thrashing in 2022. So they’re attempting to change the subject and sow discord among Republicans. So my message to people is, don’t fall for that bait. Recognize what they’re attempting to accomplish. We need to stand together and say we don’t agree with what the Biden administration is doing. In Florida, we have a better course. I think other Republican states are offering a better vision in their states as well. And let’s go into ‘22 with a full head of steam with everybody united on the same team.

DeSantis cited the implementation of strict reforms to prohibit ballot harvesting and “Zuckerbucks,” or funding from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He also mentioned a new election integrity unit recently established by Republicans in the state legislature to combat voter fraud.

Democrats in Florida, on the other hand, claim that the proposed election integrity unit will unfairly target Black Floridians, including restricting access to the ballot box. Furthermore, during the 2020 election, there were only four document arrests for election fraud in Florida.

DeSantis made no comment on the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) recent decision to censure two Republicans, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, for serving on the Democrats’ Jan. 6 select committee. In a statement issued Friday, the RNC stated that, while it condemns political violence and lawlessness, the Jan. 6 committee is targeting ordinary citizens who engage in “legitimate political discourse.”

DeSantis stated that he “wasn’t aware” of the RNC’s action, but he was quick to condemn Cheney, claiming that she is not a true Republican and is “just totally off the rails with her nonsense.”