President Biden aims to stay on track with his first 100-day agenda this week as Trump’s trial is set to begin. Trump’s impeachment trial for inciting a riot at the US Capitol building on January 6th will be televised on Monday, but Biden’s plan is not to be in front of his TV. Rather, he has plans for a virtual tour of a vaccination center, his first visit to the Pentagon, and a meeting at the National Institute of Health later in the week.

More than anything, the White House hopes the trial does not distract from the urgent business of fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, Biden plans to spend much of his time this week on the phone with local state officials across the country, gathering support for his Covid-19 relief plan. 

When asked specifically about the impeachment trial, Biden deferred to the Senate, trusting them to handle the proceedings. Nonetheless, despite his efforts to keep the focus upon his Covid-19 relief plan, advisers are aware that the next two weeks in Washington are certainly going to be centered around Trump, once again. Thus, Biden’s efforts to corral support with mayors and governors across the country. 

The timing of the trial will never be ideal for the Biden Administration and its plans, however Biden is hopeful that a speedy proceeding will transpire and keep the energy up behind his plans to tack the pandemic crisis.