Tom Brady secured his 7th ring on Sunday with a 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. An overwhelming performance along with his 5th Super Bowl MVP, the Goat has proved yet again that he should be at the top of any discussion for the best athlete ever.

But that doesn’t mean the game was all rainbows and butterflies. Tyrann Mathieu, safety for the Chiefs, fought back in a verbal battle the two had throughout the game. Mathieu and Tom can be seen jawing back and forth at each other and needing to be separated before things deescalated. Mathieu later declined to share what was said on the field between him and Tom, but it apparently was bad enough to warrant a makeup text from the Super Bowl MVP. 

Mathieu shared his opinion that he had never seen that side of Brady and that obviously emotions were high during the game. Right after the game ended, Tom sent a text apology for his words and even added in the “ultimate competitor” to praise Mathieu for his work on the field. Both have always shown respect towards one another, and Brady has said that he looks forward to being able to meet in person to further express his apology. 

While Mathieu did receive the apology, him and the Chiefs still fell to the Buccaneers potent offense that included a pass interference call on Mathieu that ended up leading to a next-play touchdown for Tom and company. After the game, Mathieu didn’t seem frustrated but rather motivated to learn from the experience and move on.