Former President Donald Trump is reportedly unhappy with the opening argument from his impeachment lawyer, Bruce Castor on the Senate floor Tuesday.

Bruce Castor, who is representing Donald Trump with attorney David Schoen, delivered a winding argument on the first day of the impeachment trial.

Trump was practically screaming as Castor grappled to get at the heart of his defense team’s argument, which was supposed to be on the constitutionality of holding a trial for a president no longer in office. Trump’s legal team was only brought together a little over a week ago. Supposedly the trial went ‘as expected’ given the circumstances. 

President Trump’s allies where shocked when his atoners switched speaking times at the last minute. Castor’s opening statements showcased lengthy praise of the Senate, while also pointing out that the Senate should not be holding this particular trial. Castor warned that this second impeachment over the span of 13 months would “open the floodgates” to future impeachment trials. 

The Senate in the end voted 56-44 that the impeachment trial is indeed constitutional.