According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the general public could start to have access to the Covid-19 vaccines as early as April in the United States, and most people could be vaccinated by the end of the summer. Fauci told the “Today” show on Thursday that he believes the pace of the vaccinations will speed up around March or April, and not just for higher priority groups. 

With more of the general public having access to the vaccines, Fauci previously stated that there is hope that American citizens will be able to enjoy a little bit more normality in their daily lives by early fall. That is, of course, assuming that 70-85% of the population has been vaccinated by the end of the summer.

More states around the country have begun to peel back their Covid-19 restrictions, though health experts are adamant that we are not out of the woods just yet. Continuing to wear masks, wash your hands, stay home, and practice social distancing in public places will continue to be of the utmost importance. Even as more of the public begins to receive the vaccine.

New cases, hospitalization, and deaths related to coronavirus are dropping across the state, for the time being. However, the US CDC has reported more transmissible strains of the virus could become prevalent in the United States around March. Continuing to observe protocols while increasing the amount and speed of vaccinations will be crucial in containing the new variants of the virus this spring.