Over the last several weeks, extremely disturbing videos have emerged that appear to be focused around attacking elderly Asian-Americans. Most of these videos have been identified to be located around the Bay Area.

It is unclear if President Biden has seen the videos yet, but White House Secretary for Press Jen Psaki had stated that Biden was fully aware of and committed to ending the discrimination against the Asian-American population in the United States. During his first week as President, Biden did in fact issue an executive order stating that racism of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders must be acknowledged in order for it to be treated. 

This order came as a big response to former President Trump’s carefree and misguided approach of labeling and blaming Asian communities for the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden clearly is determined to set his mark on this and appears to be doing what he can to make sure the public is aware.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has imposed a new set of guidelines for the Department of Health and the CDC to use that aims to avoid using language that could be harmful or offensive to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities. These guidelines are intended to reverse a multitude of false public comments and claims aimed at bringing down and disrespecting these communities.