After growing frustration with the direction of the GOP and the Trump Administration, more than 100 former Republican officials are considering forming a conservative party that would not operate within the GOP. 

With a lot of disgrace and destruction surrounding the GOP after Donald Trump’s 4-year term, many Republican leaders are wanting a clean break from the polarized division and extremist views that Trump has instilled within the party and its supporters.

The 120 Republicans are currently discussing the foundation that would surround the potential new republican party including principles of truth and honesty, democracy, and rule of law. Hopes are high that this will help form a “center-right party” that will band together and try to work with the opposing Democratic party while liquidating the perversity of the far-right. Some supporters of the potential new party are hoping that, in certain cases, a level of support will be given Democratic candidates during election which would contribute to the overall goals of committing to foundations of value, democracy and unity.