On Sunday, February 14th, President Biden called upon Congress to take steps to pass comprehensive gun control legislation. This proclamation fell on the anniversary of the 2018 shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Biden is pushing for “common-sense gun laws” to be passed and put into place, not wanting his administration to have to wait for the next mass shooting to act on this issue. His proposed changes, that he also made during his campaign, involve requiring background checks on gun sales, banning assault weapons and extended magazines, and overturning legislation on gun manufacturers that protect them when their guns are used in a crime. 

The Biden Administration has begun preparing for these policy changes by reaching out and starting discussions among gun control advocates, most notably, families who lost loved ones in the Parkland shooting. Families of the victims are hopeful that these measures mean the matter won’t be lost in the shuffle of fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

Gun violence deaths were reportedly up in 2020, with nearly 4,000 more gun-related deaths than the previous year. Coincidentally, the FBI reported its highest number of firearm checks last month. 

Nonetheless, advocates believe now is the time to push for sweeping legislation to prevent another Parkland from happening again.