President Joe Biden’s first flight on Air Force One this month was only 25 minutes long. The President was headed home to Delaware for a short weekend to visit his orthopedist to have his foot x-rayed. Biden has flown Air Force Two many times, so he did not think much of this flight. However, Biden told reporters that it was a “great honor” to be abroad this aircraft. He spent most of his time on the flight reading the newspaper. 

Biden has quickly immersed himself into a job he had been on/off seeking for decades. The daily duties of the President has come very naturally for him than his predecessors.

Biden starts his mornings sipping coffee with the First Lady, then taking calls and meetings in the Oval Office as early as 9am. It is said that Biden’s days have been much more structured than Trump’s. Though Bidens meetings are more routine, they often run longer than the previous President’s. His meetings are a combination of in-person and video calls while the Covid-19 precautions are still in place.

He typically returns to his residence by 7pm. During the evening hours you can find President Biden reading letters from fellow Americans prior to turning in for the evening. 

It is the first time in decades that there have been no children living in the While House along with the President and First Lady. Joe and Jill have a whopping 55,000 square feet mansion for just them two.

Biden has spent a considerable amount of time roaming the White House as Vice President under former President Barack Obama. In fact, he has spent more time working in Washington than any other President in decades. 

Though he has never lived in the White House, Biden stated “It feels like I am going home” as he walked through the White House doors on Inauguration Day.