There is a debate going on among President Joe Biden and his administration to enforce “priority” access for teachers to get the COVID-19 vaccine over the rest of the population. 

President Biden has been under extreme pressure to comment on the matter since stepping into office. Even though vaccinating teachers seems like the logical choice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that schools will be able to reopen, since students will still be at risk to being exposed. Biden and Kamala Harris have both verbally indicated that they were in support of having teachers vaccinated first.

There is some movement on the front of teachers being required to get vaccinated before being allowed to go back to school and teach in front of their students. The CDC has even come into the conversation by indicating that teachers should in fact be prioritized for the vaccine, but they haven’t followed through on saying if it needs to be required before teachers are allowed in front of classes.

As a majority of the population is expected to agree with the idea of vaccinating teachers before the general public, time is winding down for Biden and team to put rules or mandates in place before the vaccine is dispersed to CVS and Walgreens across the country. As of now, it is up to states to determine if teachers should be required to get the vaccine before the public.