Carson Wentz, Philadelphia’s quarterback for the last several years since they drafted him second overall in the 2016 draft, is on the move.

Wentz started out strong his first couple of years in Philly with one 33-7 TD to INT ratio in one year, before going down with a torn ACL with only a few games left in the season. The Eagles moved on to Nick Foles and eventually won the Superbowl with a win over the New England Patriots. While many see Wentz as the reason the Eagles performed so well, the coaching staff apparently did not feel the same.  

After that incident, things were never the same for Wentz. Even with a four-year $128 million extension, Wentz has yet to prove himself as the 33-7 ratio guy he was before his injury. Ultimately, the Eagles decided that recently drafted quarterback, Jalen Hurts, was showing more promise for their team and dealt Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts.

Wentz will now replace recently retired quarterback Philip Rivers as the new starter for the Colts. A surprising fact is that Philadelphia’s old offensive coordinator who Wentz played under, is the current coach for the Colts. This familiarity should help Wentz immensely as he learns an entirely new offense and scheme in Indianapolis.