There has been a recent surge of parents choosing to enroll their kids in private schools due to the lack of face-to-face contact in public schools. As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to surge, parents are increasingly worried if their children are getting enough in-person communication.

Since the early stages of life are so critical in terms of developing social and cognitive skills, there is a valid fear among parents right now that their kids will see long-term effects from the lack of engagement they’re currently seeing. There have been extremely high reports of students being extremely disinterested and unengaged in the current way most schools operate, not to mention the burden on families from lower incomes that must now provide all of their child’s learning resources.

Because public schools are required under law to obey demands from the government, they cannot have any sort of in-person communication whatsoever with students. However, private schools are allowed to operate as they please since they are self-funded, which gives them the ability to organize one-on-one tutoring lessons or small events that are typically deemed as COVID-safe.

With no current timeline on the expected opening of public schools, many parents are still left wondering what the right thing is to do when it comes to their child’s education.