Apple has been under major scrutiny in both legal and PR fronts. Major players such as Facebook, Spotify and Epic games do not agree with how Apple iPhones hold significant power over their devices. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has stated that he is not concerned about these accusations and that “accusations like this fall apart after further examination.”

This year Apple’s annual shareholder meeting was held online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. These meetings give stock owners the opportunity to propose company changes and vote on board members. This year shareholders supported the reelection of board members who were up for a vote. One major shareholder push this year was to vote down a proposal that would have the company tie executive pay to median salaries company wide.

The meeting ended on Cook expressing his praise on employee resilience throughout the pandemic. Though Cook applauded employees on successfully working from home, he looks forward to when the company will be back in the office together again.