As President Biden puts effort into reversing the Trump-era policies on immigration, it appears as though things have been moving slower than anticipated. 

There are now lobbyists being sent in by President Trump aimed at removing the policies that Biden is trying to put in place. While there is no tangible evidence that these lobbyists are actually accomplishing anything, it is still unsure what will come of it moving forward. Trump had specifically designed many of his immigration policies to be hard to remove, which is most likely the reason that Biden is struggling moving things forward.

Along with current delays, the number of immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. is extremely backlogged due to the transfer of presidency and the time it takes for new policies to be enacted. With little success on his immigration policies so far, Biden is currently focusing more of his energy on the COVID-19 pandemic and appears to not be putting much urgency into the situation. 

While not much has officially taken place regarding immigration, Biden has currently reopened a comfortable facility for migrant children to seek asylum. Biden is also currently authorizing money transfers for travel which will allow thousands of children to be reunited with their families. Even though not much action has taken place, clearly Biden has doing what he can at the time to help.