It has been a chaotic first six weeks for Biden and his new administration. With ex-President Trump’s impeachment trial and a partisan split over legislation content, the smashing victory for the White House Covid-19 relief plan has been heavily overshadowed.

The $1.9 trillion bill that addresses many of the foundational goals of the new presidency and administration is making way only 6 weeks into a first term. The bill is expected to pass on Friday with the help of Democratic votes.

The Biden administration hopes this will be a beginning of the end of the pandemic period that has affected both our economy and the lives of the American people. Biden expressed his concerns on how the economic toll of the pandemic is tearing through the US as brutally as the virus itself.

Biden Stated, “Instead of chasing Covid-19, (the bill) allows us to get ahead of it, with more testing supplies and vaccinations.”

Some significant measures introduced in this bill is to amp up the vaccine drive and provide funds that will help schools remodel to improve ventilation and social distancing in order to get children back into school. A Stimulus payment of $1,400 dollars may be in the future for some Americans.

“It’s about putting vaccinations in the arm, money in the pocket, children in the schools, workers in their jobs. It’s what this country needs,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated on Thursday.