The COVID-19 vaccine created by Johnson & Johnson started shipping out nationwide on Monday and is expected to be available by mid-week.

Because Johnson & Johnson was granted an emergency use authorization on Saturday, they are now allowed to expedite the process and are currently loading up delivery trucks across the country. With approximately 4 million vaccines currently on the way, many Americans will get their first chance at taking the shot.

Since there are a lot of regulations regarding distributing the vaccine, it is expected that most of the vaccines will be distributed by late May. This means that if all goes according to plan, millions of people across the US will finally have access. This should extremely slow down the COVID-19 rate and allow bars, restaurants and music venues to continue opening up capacity.

While this vaccine is about 67% effective at preventing COVID-19, it is closer to 100% effective in stopping hospitalization and even death. The clinical trials that were done were also done on all known variants of COVID-19 so the vaccine should help slow the rate significantly. After about a year of scientists and doctors working hard on developing a vaccine, we are finally at the point where it will be accessible to the public.