The legacy media is finally shedding light on Hunter Biden’s mounting scandal, but the manner in which the five liberal networks address (or don’t address) his laptop, which they all dismissed during the 2020 presidential election, is questionable.

The years-long DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances is “heating up,” according to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC, as witnesses continue to testify. The son of Vice President Joe Biden is being investigated for possible tax and foreign lobbying law violations, as well as alleged money laundering.

In the final weeks leading up to the 2020 election, the five networks, along with the rest of the legacy media, infamously downplayed a bombshell report from the New York Post that exposed Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings based on damning emails that emerged from his laptop. The five networks dismissed the scandal at the time, dismissing it as right-wing conspiracy theories or the result of a “Russian disinformation” campaign.

The Washington Post published a bombshell report this week about Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar deal with a Chinese energy company, which is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice. The contents of the laptop were authenticated by the Post as part of its reporting.

According to Grabien transcripts, CNN and MSNBC spent far more time this week covering former President Trump’s remarks this week urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to look for “answers” regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings, particularly in Russia, than they did covering the Hunter Biden scandal itself.

While MSNBC briefly addressed the Washington Post’s reporting on the president’s son and his ties to a Chinese energy company, it completely ignored how the Post verified the disputed laptop.

The Peacock network wasn’t the only one with this problem. According to transcripts, neither ABC nor CBS mentioned that the laptop they previously dismissed has now been verified on their morning and evening newscasts. NBC finally addressed the laptop on “NBC Nightly News” after overlooking it on Wednesday evening and completely ignoring Hunter Biden the next morning.

On CNN’s poorly-watched morning show “New Day,” CNN briefly addressed the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s laptop while simultaneously downplaying it.

“There are a lot of issues that the Justice Department is looking into, including, of course, this laptop that has featured a lot of stories about Hunter Biden on the right-wing,” CNN correspondent Evan Pérez told Brianna Keilar on Wednesday. “We know it’s in the hands of the FBI, who believe it’s his laptop and that the contents are his. We don’t know whether or not this is relevant to the investigation.”

Moments later, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood rushed to President Biden’s defense, claiming without evidence that his father, Hunter Biden, was involved in the alleged corruption.

“It appears pretty clear that Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name to make a lot of money, and he’s had a difficult life,” Harwood told Keilar. “But until someone makes a nexus between what Hunter Biden has done and official activities of Vice President Biden or President Biden, it’s a not-so-pretty picture, but it’s not really of much public import in terms of US policy or government administration,” Harwood said.

According to recordings released by Project Veritas in December 2020, CNN was previously caught spiking the Hunter Biden laptop story in the final weeks of the 2020 presidential election.

According to CNN’s Jake Tapper, who dismissed the allegations against Hunter Biden as “too disgusting” to repeat on-air during the 2020 election and said the “right wing is going crazy,” such messaging was received.