Clean energy campaigners claim to have disrupted supplies from three oil terminals in the Midlands and south-east of England, while motorists complain that some gas stations are out of gas.

According to the government, only one terminal was shut down as a result of the Just Stop Oil protests on Sunday afternoon, and local police forces were working with the industry to ensure that fuel supplies could be maintained.

“All supply points are operational except one,” a government spokesperson said. “This will allow deliveries to be made to those sites that have experienced shortages.”

Extinction Rebellion activists stopped traffic crossing Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges in central London, causing traffic congestion. Hundreds of climate activists descended on Lambeth Bridge, which connects Westminster and Lambeth, accompanied by speakers who played dance music, creating a festival atmosphere. Cars and buses came to a halt, but demonstrators parted to let ambulances pass. By 6 p.m., Lambeth had been cleared of protesters, but Vauxhall Bridge remained blocked by a large group of protesters.

FairFuelUK founder Howard Cox said he had been “bombarded with messages that garages up and down the country are short of petrol and diesel stock.”

Cox blamed the shortage on Just Stop Oil blockades, accusing activists of embarking on “a pointless crusade they believe will save the planet.”

However, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas stated that such disruptive protests are the “only way that people feel they can make their voices heard.” On Sunday, activists from Just Stop Oil said they were disrupting fuel supplies in Warwickshire, Hertfordshire, and Essex.

Supporters dug a tunnel under a tanker route to the Kingsbury terminal in Warwickshire, according to the group. “A modified caravan parked on the side of the road, surrounded by Just Stop Oil supporters, obscured the tunnel.” Despite a number of police arrests, five people are still working on the tunnel inside the caravan this morning,” the group said in a statement.

At 2.30 a.m., 40 campaigners stormed the Buncefield oil terminal in Hertfordshire, locking themselves in and blocking the entrance, according to the group. At 6.30 a.m., another action took place at Inter Terminals in Grays, Essex, where about 40 people swarmed the facility, climbed the loading bay pipework, and locked on, according to them.

“It is expected that today’s actions will have a significant impact on fuel availability at petrol pumps across the south-east and the Midlands,” the group said on its tenth day of protesting the UK government’s approval of new oil and gas projects.

“We are aware that protest activity at some oil terminals has resulted in short-term fuel delivery disruptions over the past few days,” a government spokesperson said. Local law enforcement is collaborating with the industry to ensure that fuel supplies are not disrupted.”

“I am sorry that it has come to this and that this is the only way that people feel they can make their voices heard,” Lucas said in an interview on BBC One’s Sunday Morning show. Despite the fact that the International Energy Agency states that… the latest IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] report states that, this government and this energy strategy… predicts that even more oil and gas will be extracted from the North Sea. That is frankly immoral and the UN general secretary said that is frankly both morally and economically mad.”