“I murdered my own baby,” yelled a Republican state representative in New Hampshire, who had previously said she regretted her own abortion.

Representative Susan DeLemus was seen confronting a crowd chanting “shame on you” outside the New Hampshire State House on Thursday, following a leaked draft opinion indicating the United States Supreme Court may vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and as New Hampshire debates a number of anti-abortion bills.

DeLemus turned to face the crowd and yelled back: “You are a disgrace! Shame on you, shame on everyone, shame on you for murdering babies!”

DeLemus then began pointing to individual protesters and yelling at each one, “you’re a murderer!” “I’m a homicidal maniac!” DeLemus elaborated. “I killed my own child.”

DeLemus had an abortion decades ago and has frequently expressed regret over the decision. DeLemus admitted to a Senate committee in 2012 that she “murdered my baby” in the late 1980s.

According to the Associated Press, she made the remark while a bill in New Hampshire was being debated that would require women to wait 24 hours before having an abortion. DeLemus stated that if she had to wait a day before having an abortion, she might have reconsidered.

DeLemus also mentioned her abortion during a House Judiciary Committee hearing in February, when a number of restrictive abortion bills in New Hampshire were debated, including one that would give potential fathers the right to prevent a woman’s abortion.

“I was self-centered,” she admitted. “I had no right to take the life of that baby, and I had no right to steal that baby from my husband.”

DeLemus told the Fosters Daily Democrat that she was reacting to the “shame on you” chants directed at her during the Thursday incident outside the State House.

“I feel shame for you and shame for myself because I murdered my own baby by aborting it,” DeLemus said. “I stole that baby’s life from my family and from the community. I stole that person’s life, I took it for my own convenience, which I think that happens a lot with people who get abortions.”

She went on, saying: “In my opinion, anyone who has had an abortion or supports abortion is a murderer or is pro-abortion, pro-death, and pro-ending the life of a baby. Abortion is legal, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t kill another human being, and that’s my stance. That was the source of the yelling. I raised my voice and tried to be heard over the chanting crowd.”

Colin Booth, the Legislative Communications Director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, shared the video of DeLemus on Twitter.

“There’s nothing like the tact and grace of an NH GOP State Rep on the steps of the people’s house,” Booth tweeted. “Hello, Susan DeLemus, who is interacting with peaceful protesters this morning.”

Democratic congresswoman Laura Telerski reshared the video, criticizing DeLemus’ actions.

“I happened to be entering the State House this morning when this occurred, and I wish I could call this behavior unbecoming of a legislator, but it was far worse,” Telerski said.

Democratic State Representative Chuck Grassie also called DeLemus a “embarrassment” to the district she represents in Rochester.

“She has no regard for decorum or how a state representative should conduct himself,” Grassie told the Fosters Daily Democrat. “Regardless of your feelings, you must respect people’s free speech rights.” If this goes viral on a national scale, all anyone will notice is that she is a Rochester representative. If we want to grow our community and image, that isn’t the kind of news or image we want to project.”