It was only a matter of time before the great algorithm in the sky married millennial pink and iPhone leaks in capitalist bliss. On May 5, a Twitter account called Peng Phones sparked a frenzy by tweeting a photo of a pink iPhone 13 Pro Max render that appeared to have been created by the same people who created “aesthetic” iPhone home screens.

The phone, dubbed “Rose Pink” in the tweet, is surrounded by what appear to be pink Apple accessories: AirPods, AirPods Max, and an iPhone case. Peng Phones teased a December 2021 release date for the color option, but subsequent tweets from the same account mention November 2021 releases for iPhones in “Pink,” “Rose Pink,” and even “Rosegold Pink.”

It wouldn’t be a complete surprise if the color and release date differed. Apple’s iPhone 12 release schedule was nearly as complicated as its pricing structure, with the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro arriving before the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini. The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, are available in a variety of colors.

It’s difficult to verify the veracity of this rumor because it hasn’t been originated or corroborated by notable leakers with solid Apple-leak track records, and it’s certainly easy enough for anyone on Twitter to alter an image and call it a “leaked render.” A large portion of Twitter churn was skeptical.

Nonetheless, many Twitter reactions expressed hope (or, at the very least, a capitulation to capitalism that could be interpreted as purchasing intent): “Capitalism is bad, but the pink iPhone is so sexy,” one person tweeted. Another just tweeted “manifesting” between two candle emoji with a pink iPhone 13, but also a pink Nintendo Switch.

Apple hasn’t officially announced a release date or any color options for the iPhone 13, so we can only speculate for the time being. But what are the chances of a pink iPhone 13 being released in 2021? They aren’t all that bad.

For starters, this isn’t the first time Apple has released a pink iPhone. Pink was an option for the iPhone 5C, which was released in 2013. The iPhone XR in 2018 was available in coral, and the iPhone 6S in 2015 was available in rose gold. Pink has been a popular color in technology since then. Samsung also released phantom pink and phantom violet versions of its flagship Galaxy S21 phone in February, with a more metallic sheen than the iPhone 13 render.

Second, Apple has just released a new purple color option for the iPhone 12, which is yet another jab at the “aesthetic” crowd. In fact, at an April virtual event, Apple also unveiled a redesigned iMac in a variety of throwback colors to match the company’s old rainbow logo. You guessed it: pink is one of those iMac colors.

Apple usually changes one iPhone color from generation to generation while keeping the rest the same. So a candy-colored pop of pink could dethrone the iPhone 12’s deep blue or mint green.

Having said that, it’s not entirely unreasonable to expect Apple to release a pink iPhone soon. The company has recently released a pink iMac, a pink iPad Air, and even pink AirPods Max. And, with the Apple Watch rumored to get an iPhone 12-inspired redesign, it appears Apple is looking to unify the aesthetics of its products. Pink may indeed be on the way to the iPhone 13 lineup.

With all of the incredible iPhone 13 leaks we’ve seen thus far, it’s clear that we’re looking at a worthy successor to the iPhone 12. And if you prefer your gadgets to be pink, this could be the ultimate upgrade. We won’t know for sure until Apple unveils the iPhone 13.