Britney Spears’ court-appointed conservatorship lawyer resigned on Tuesday, a day after her longtime manager resigned, saying the singer planned to retire and no longer required his services.

According to a court filing, lawyer Samuel Ingham, who has been representing the singer’s interests in the legal arrangement, filed documents in Los Angeles resigning from his position.

He gave no reasons for his decision, but stated that he would remain in the position until a new lawyer was appointed for Spears.

Last month, the singer told a Los Angeles judge that a 13-year court-approved conservatorship that had controlled her personal and business affairs was abusive, and that she wanted to reclaim control of her own life, including choosing her own lawyer.

Spears has yet to file the necessary paperwork to begin the process of ending the conservatorship.

“Samuel D Ingham III hereby resigns as court-appointed counsel for Britney Jean Spears, conservatee, effective upon the appointment of new court-appointed counsel,” according to a court filing obtained by the PA news agency in Los Angeles. In the filing, Loeb & Loeb, a law firm brought in to assist Mr. Ingham, also offered its resignation. Mr. Ingham did not explain why he wanted to resign, but his decision comes after Spears slammed the conservatorship as “abusive,” asked for it to be terminated, and criticized his work with her.

On June 23, she told Judge Brenda Penny that she didn’t know how to end the conservatorship and that she wanted to hire her own lawyer.

Mr. Ingham was appointed by the court after Spears, 39, was deemed unable to find her own legal representation due to a series of mental breakdowns. According to the most recent accounting, Mr. Ingham was paid approximately 373,000 dollars (£270,000) for his work with the singer in 2019.

Spears pays the legal fees of both parties in the case.

According to the filing, Mr. Ingham’s resignation will take effect as soon as Spears has new representation.

The conservatorship, which is typically reserved for the elderly and infirm, is overseen by Spears’ father, Jamie, and her caretaker, Jodi Montgomery.

Jamie is in charge of his daughter’s estate, which is estimated to be worth more than $50 million (£36 million), while Ms. Montgomery is in charge of Spears’ personal affairs on a temporary basis. Bessemer Trust, the financial management firm appointed by the court as co-conservator of the estate, asked to be removed from the role last week, citing the singer’s demand that the conservatorship be terminated.

Larry Rudolph, Spears’ long-time manager, reportedly stepped down this week, saying he had been told the chart-topping star planned to “officially retire.”

According to her lawyer, Ms. Montgomery has no plans to resign.

Lauriann Wright said in a statement obtained by PA, “Ms. Montgomery has no plans to step down as Ms. Spears’ Temporary Conservator of the Person.”

“She remains steadfastly committed to assisting Ms. Spears in any way she can within the scope of her duties as a conservator of the person. Ms. Spears has only recently asked Ms. Montgomery to continue serving. Ms. Montgomery will continue to serve as conservator for Ms. Spears and the Court as long as they require her to.”

Spears has not performed since 2018 and has previously stated in court that she has no plans to do so as long as her father retains control of her career.

Lawyers for Jamie, who has been widely chastised for his role in the conservatorship by supporters of the @FreeBritney movement, claim that his estate management saved his daughter from financial ruin.