Camila Cabello is the most recent celebrity to speak out in support of Cuba’s ongoing protests.

Over the weekend, the singer took to TikTok to share a lengthy video in which she discussed her support for people protesting the country’s Communist regime, noting that she is Cuban and has family members on the island.

“As you know, I’m Cuban Mexican. I’m not sure if you know, but I’m Cuban Mexican. My mother is Cuban, and I was born and raised in Cuba, so this movement is very important to me because I still have family on the island, and I hear my cousins and mother talk about what’s going on there “She started her post.

The star went on to explain how Cubans are reacting to an unprecedented economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Some protesters have called for a change in the Communist government, citing food and other necessities shortages.

“I’ve been hearing it pretty much my entire life, but it’s gotten really bad. Many people believe the protests are about a lack of COVID resources and medicine, but this is only the most recent layer in a 62-year-old story of a Communist regime and a dictatorship “She elaborates. “For 62 years, the Cuban people have been oppressed. What began as a socialist ideal of free healthcare, free education, and free food for all has resulted in present-day Cubans having to wait hours in line at the grocery store to come in and discover that basic staples like beans and rice are ten times more expensive than what the average Cuban medical doctor can afford.”

Cabello goes on to discuss food shortages, noting that family members have told her that people are forced to live on one meal per day, as well as the lack of medical care in Cuba as some of the country’s prominent doctors and medical supplies are sent abroad.

“For the past 62 years, there has been no freedom of expression. Anyone who speaks out against the Cuban government is either disappeared, kidnapped from their families, or imprisoned. The fact that for decades, Cubans have been willing to risk their lives trying to reach Florida by building homemade rafts, with many drowning or being eaten by sharks, says a lot about the country’s current state “She continued. “It also shows how fed up the people of Cuba are when they are risking their lives right now to protest the government for only the second time in the 62 years since the dictatorship began.”

She commended young activists for stepping up and protesting the situation and calling on Their government should be changed. She did, however, highlight and criticize the Cuban government’s response to the situation.

“What has the government done in response?” she asked, adding, “They’ve imprisoned the country’s leading activists, physically beaten protestors, and shut down the island’s Wifi, making it impossible for protestors to organize.” As a result, we can’t see what the government is up to over there.”

She concluded by urging her followers to raise awareness, including by sharing her video on the subject, so that the young protestors know they are not alone in their struggle. Cabello’s video is the latest in a long line of Cuban American celebrities urging Americans to do their part to help.

Gloria Estefan recently requested international assistance to assist the Cuban people, while Bella Thorne and Pitbull specifically requested that the United States government provide as much assistance as possible. The Biden administration has declared its support for the protesters and imposed sanctions.