The woman who accused Trevor Bauer of sexual assault testified tearfully on Monday about her two encounters with him at his Pasadena home earlier this year. She described how she was emotionally drawn to him before he punched her face, split her lip open, choked her out, and punched her vagina.

This was the first day of a civil hearing to determine whether the Dodgers pitcher should remain legally restrained from the accuser, who had requested a temporary restraining order against him in late June. The woman testified for three hours about her personal history, how they met, her relationships with him, what they talked about, and why she returned to see him after he choked her unconscious during their first sexual encounter in April.

She claims he choked her twice unconscious, punched her face with a closed fist, and punched her vagina at least three times during their second encounter in May.

The woman also described what Bauer said to her after she asked how difficult it was for him to choose women as a high-profile athlete. He allegedly mentioned a time when he injured a woman’s nose, and “when she got in the car, she sent him a picture and said, ‘Look what you did to me.’… It became this big mess.”

Bauer’s attorneys have not yet cross-examined the woman, but they have denied her allegations, claiming the relationships were “wholly consensual.” In her opening statement, Bauer’s attorney, Shawn Holley, stated that the accuser indicated in her message exchanges with Bauer that she wanted rough sex, “including one (message) in which she said she had ‘never been more turned on,’ ” in her life after their first encounter in April.

Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman will make the decision after reviewing the evidence in a hearing that could last several days. The woman’s attorneys are requesting a five-year restraining order.

In June, the court granted her restraining order request only on a temporary basis, pending the evaluation of evidence by a judge. This hearing will help determine whether it will be reinstated. Aside from that, it could have an impact on ongoing investigations by local law enforcement and Major League Baseball, which is also looking into a case involving Bauer and a woman in Ohio.

The woman testified that she is a lifelong baseball fan who met Bauer after tagging him in a message on Instagram. She then drove from her San Diego home to meet him twice. She said she was drawn to him in part because they opened up to each other before their sexual encounter in their first encounter in April. She claimed she told him about her alcoholism. He spoke about being bullied as a child.

She stated that she wanted to continue their relationship because of the emotional bond they shared after their first meeting. Bauer’s attorneys have shown messages in which she asked for rough sex, including being choked and slapped in the face, in his defense.

Her attorneys provided photographs of facial injuries and a diagnosis from a San Diego hospital after the second encounter, which stated she suffered an acute head injury and assault by strangulation, to support their case.

During their second meeting in May, the accuser testified that she and Bauer had previously discussed her being choked unconscious. Her lawyer questioned why she hadn’t told him she didn’t want that. He was powerful, she said, and she “just wanted to give him what he wanted.”

She also testified that Bauer asked her for a “safe word,” which was apparently a code to stop any roughhousing if it became too much for her. She gave him the safe word “daddy issues,” but she didn’t use it right away because “I couldn’t physically get a word out.” Bauer came to a halt when she said the word “daddy.”

Meyer, her attorney, referred to that statement as “spine-chilling

“The accuser is vulnerable, afraid, and frail.” “She stated. “She was the ideal prey for someone like Trevor.”