Billionaire Elon Musk who owns Telsa, Space X and the social media platform X, made a surprise trip Monday to Israel.

He met both in person as well as virtually with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other major government officials.

Musk told the Prime Minister that he wants to help rebuild Gaza after the end of the Israel-Hamas war.

The world’s richest man seems to want to do his part to bring peace to the region. During a live chat on X, Musk and Netanyahu spoke about what needs to be done after the war.

“We have to demilitarize Gaza after the destruction of Hamas, and we have to deradicalize Gaza … and then we have to also rebuild Gaza,” Netanyahu said.

“I’d like to help as well,” Musk said, before mentioning the importance that the historical rebuilding of Japan and Germany had on the world after WWII.

During his trip to Israel, Musk took time to visit Kfar Azza, which was one of the kibbutzim attacked on October 7th. The kibbutz was the home of Abigail Edan, a four-year-old American girl with dual citizenship abducted by Hamas that day. It was also on October 7th that she lost both of her parents who were killed by Hamas terrorists before she was taken hostage with her neighbors.

Abigail was part a group of hostages released Sunday.

Musk also met several families of hostages held in Gaza during a private meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog. Herzog said Musk had a huge role to play in the global fight against antisemitism.

“We have to do whatever is necessary to stop the hate,” Musk replied, according to a statement released by Herzog’s office.

“Essentially these people have been fed propaganda since they were children. And it’s remarkable what humans are capable of if they’re fed falsehoods, from when they are children, they will think that the murder of innocent people is a good thing.

“That is how much propaganda can affect people’s minds,” Musk said, according to the statement.

Herzog urged Musk to address online antisemitism.

“Unfortunately, we are inundated with antisemitism, which is hatred of Jews,” Herzog told Musk, according to the statement. “I think we need to fight this together, because the platforms you lead, unfortunately, have a large reservoir of hatred, hatred of Jews, anti-Semitism.”

Musk is in Israel to repair his relationship with Jewish leaders after coming under strong criticism for his endorsement of an anti-Jewish post that has drawn angry responses from everyone from President Joe Biden to the Anti-Defamation League. Musk has also lost key big-name sponsors on X among them were both Disney and IBM.

Musk pointed out that his trip was to show his support for Israel and for peace in the region and he tweeted during his Israel visit that “actions speak louder than words.”