President of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk criticized the loud protesters whose attempts to stop his “voluntary” event at the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque on Wednesday prompted riot police to show up.

Kirk, a conservative activist, claimed that the purpose of his gathering was to talk about the Constitution. He said on Thursday that he was perplexed that people would find it offensive because it was a voluntary event planned to embrace the nation the protesters’ own choice to live in.

I wonder if they’re paid, and I wonder why they spent their evening protesting me and our Turning Point USA chapter just to discuss the U.S. Constitution and freedom of speech. “It’s really interesting when you try to show up on a college campus and do an optional voluntary event how angry the other side gets.”

Kirk continued, “But this is a very important time for people to understand and recognize that the other side — the radical left — is acting exactly like the domestic violent extremists that the entire federal government is now organized to go after.

Kirk pointed out that the Biden administration frequently issues warnings about right-wing organizations being genuine threats to democracy and public safety. While this is going on, the left-wing protesters, who are President Biden’s political allies, pose a threat to the things the president claims he wants to defend.

“Check out the video from the University of New Mexico; are those the Proud Boys? Are those conservatives and members of the American Right? Kirk questioned aloud who was paying the irate young objectors to hurl slurs, curses, and more toward Turning Point and other right-leaning Americans. “No, those people are on the left,” Kirk replied.

The organized left-wingers’ demonstrations forced the cancellation of two previous events on other college campuses, according to Kirk. He also noted that the Albuquerque protesters appeared to have pre-made signs, which could cast doubt on the idea that the protests were spontaneous.

“I went there last night to send a message to every single one of these people—and to anyone else watching—that we’re going to stand up for free speech. And you won’t be able to interfere with our events or physically bully our students, he added.

“When someone calls them a racist, the majority of people cower in fear and become paralyzed. We live in a time when insults are used as weapons, and as a result, people ask for forgiveness right away and make excuses for no reason at all.

Kirk continued, pointing out how the left prefers to classify each person by arbitrary subgroups based on immutable characteristics rather than merit. “Today’s Democratic Party doesn’t believe in individualism or speech.”

Leandro Pita, a UNM student, told a New Mexico NBC affiliate that Kirk represents hate and White supremacy and that his event shouldn’t have been permitted.

“It’s an F.U. from them to the trans community, it’s an F.U. from them to the Black community, it’s an F.U. from them to all the communities who have marginalized even though we live in a post-modern society,” said Pita.

Another local outlet reported three people were escorted off UNM property and served summonses.