After suspending the anti-Semitic rapper from Twitter for posting a Nazi symbol inside the Star of David, Elon Musk had the last word against Kanye West.

Only a few weeks prior, the tech billionaire had welcomed the disgraced celebrity back to the platform. Late on Thursday night, he posted the not-so-subtle tweet “FAFO.”

Indicating to West that he had gone too far and was no longer welcome on Twitter, the acronym stands for “F*** Around and Find Out.”

Following his admission that “I like Hitler” while appearing alongside far-right conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones on his radio show on Thursday night, West posted the Nazi symbol.

Then he wrote, “Let’s always remember this as my final tweet,” and posted a picture of Elon Musk on a yacht without a top.

Musk said “that is fine” in response to the self-portrait, but “this is not” in response to West’s swastika tweet.

Following the disgraced rapper’s suspension from the site for violating Twitter’s prohibition on inciting violence, Musk assured his followers that “I tried my best.”

Despite this, he once more transgressed our prohibition against inciting violence. Account will be suspended, he tweeted. He later clarified that this had nothing to do with the yacht photo.

Instead, he made light of the situation by saying that he used the “unflattering” topless picture of himself as “helpful motivation to lose weight.”

Just clarifying that it’s not a picture of me getting hosed by Ari that has his account suspended for inciting violence, he tweeted.

Sincerely, I found those images to be inspiring motivation for weight loss!

The two men appeared to argue behind the scenes over the incident, and West posted screenshots of messages he claimed to have received from Musk via Donald Trump’s social media platform Truth Social.

You’ve gone too far, I’m sorry. This is not love,” allegedly said Musk to him.

West responded, “Who made you the judge,” and then shared a screenshot of his suspended account.

Musk, however, had the final word, taking one last shot at West in his final tweet of the day.

“FAFO,” he simply wrote.

In a disturbing appearance on Jones’ Infowars show with white nationalist Nick Fuentes, West said “I like Hitler” and praised the Nazis for doing “good things,” just hours before his suspension from Twitter.

West, who was covered in a black mask, claimed that he saw “good things about Hitler”—the man who was in charge of the Holocaust’s mass murder of approximately six million Jews—and asserted that the reason “you can’t say [it] out loud” is because “Jewish people” have told people not to.

“I have finished classifying things. Every person, especially Hitler, “brought something of value to the table,” he said.

He continued, saying “I like Hitler” even after Jones told him that he was not a fan of the German dictator or the Nazis.

West then went on to say that the Nazis “did good things too” and that “we’ve got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time”.

The performance coincides with West’s recent antisemitic outbursts and alliance with far-right figures and white nationalists like Mr. Fuentes. West has a history of bipolar disorder.

As a result, he has recently lost the support of several companies, including Adidas, GAP, and Balenciaga.

When West and Mr. Fuentes dined with Mr. Trump last week at Mar-a-Lago, several prominent Republicans denounced the former president for his association with the divisive individuals.